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Our Story And How It All Started

Imagine (picture yourself) sitting at a table with the sun warming your skin and the Mediterranean Sea breeze combing your hair. Feel the waves kissing at your feet and the sound of them brushing against the pebbles on the shore as casually relax and listen. That is truly a moment of paradise and serendipity. Our tavern gives you the opportunity to embrace a relaxing atmosphere while enjoying our renowned fresh fish, seafood dishes and authentic Santorini appetizers. Along with the combination of local products, the imagination and our recipes that have been passed down from generation to generations. The plates we have created will leave you to truly understand the unique and traditional taste of Santorini. Melina’s Restaurant in Akrotiri is a family run business, built from the ground up by the owner and father of five, Nikos Katris, in 1992. 

The tavern is named after his first daughter Melina, who until today runs the restaurant with him and her siblings. Strolling though the tavern you will notice that you are surrounded by a variety of art medias created by us. You will find paintings, sculptures, photography  to handmade jewelry as you wonder through the tavern and through our gallery to admire our creations. To enjoy our local Santorini wine at Melina’s Tavern is the best choice for those who seek to enjoy a welcoming, relaxing and romantic dining experience with beautiful views and atmosphere. We promise you will take home a piece of Santorini culture only found in Akrotiri.

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Authentic Seafood Risotto by Melina's Tavern in Akrotiri at Santorini island
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